Your phone has a SECRET record of everywhere you’ve been – Here’s how to see it

Android and iPhone users are both leaving a trail of information about all of the locations they’ve been too – and they may not even realise it.

The data can be a helpful reminder of the locations you’ve been to and when you went there, or if you need to pinpoint the date of a nice trip away.

But it also serves as a reminder of the amount of data we’re sharing with companies in the modern age.

If you’re an Android user, you can use the Timeline page to see a map of everywhere you’ve been with your phone.

The site, previously known as Location History, uses the data to give notifications of things that are happening near them.

Using the Timeline page, you can choose to stop using the location tracking feature or enable it if it’s not already on.

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Your phone has a secret record of everywhere you’ve been

Android owners can the Google tracking feature straight out of the box.

But iOS need a Google app to track your location and relay the information to the Timeline page.

If you don’t wish to have your location tracked, you can go to your Google account and switch off Location History.

These settings will then be tied to your account – and it will be turned off irrespective of what device you are using.

You can delete location history by day or the entire record of it.

On the Apple iPhone you can see the list of locations you’ve visited in the Privacy section, located in the Settings app.

In the privacy area, click on Location Services. There you can disable any app from tracking your movement.

When you scroll to the bottom you’ll the System Services button. Click that and then you’ll find Frequent Locations.

There will be a list of the places you’ve been and how many times you’ve been there.

Apple and Google use this information to help understand more about what you do, and give advice based on that.

Looking at your regular movements, smartphones can advise whether you need to drive home at a specific time if traffic is bad.

None of Apple’s Frequent Locations data is sent to the Cupertino phone by default, it just stays on your phone.

Whereas the Google version can be viewed on your the web and can be transferred over to a different device.

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